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☆☆Genuine TURKISH Clairvoyant , Card Reader, Medium and Tarot Expert!☆☆☆(Super fast, short and to the point)

☆☆☆Please don't ask me any questions or to draw cards in a free chat!!☆☆☆
( I may help you only in a private reading!)
☆☆☆All questions with regard to coughing issue will be ignored in my chatroom!☆☆☆
☆☆☆All questions with regard to personal life will be ignored.☆☆☆
☆☆☆I'm only here to help.☆☆☆
!☆☆☆No demo reading is available!☆☆☆

❤ ❤ ❤ Empath/ Telepathic/ Expert in Remote Viewing❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Dream Interpretator❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ Life coach❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Group Readıng ın One Session❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Natural Healer☆☆☆
(Fast healing session is avaialble for 10 mins)

Card Decks:
☆☆☆Oracle Cards.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Tarot Cards.☆☆☆
(Connecting with cards so fast, ready to help you for your quick questions at any time even for 3 mins.)
❤ ❤ ❤Pendulum❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Casting spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Reunion spells.❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Energy blocking spells.
❤ ❤ ❤Health Scan❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤Water Fortune❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤DNA Activation❤ ❤ ❤
☆☆☆ Coffee / Tea Readings☆☆☆ (At least you should have one private reading with me)
(25 minutes, deep reading, but can be shortened)
☆☆☆Email Readings☆☆☆

In which field I'm really good at as a reader is:
☆☆☆ Love and career issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Relationship issues..☆☆☆
☆☆☆Marriage and divorce issues.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Past lives and aura colors.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Angel communication.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Channeling with the dead people and pets.☆☆☆
☆☆☆ Dream Interpretation.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Life coaching.☆☆☆.
☆☆☆Twin Flames/Soulmates.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the lost items.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Detecting the unknown death of people by channelling.☆☆☆
☆☆☆Health questions.☆☆☆

❤❤❤ Topics to discuss with regard spirituality in my room❤❤❤ :
- Astral Travelling and distinct dimensions.
- Angel communication.
- Past life regressions.
- Mediitation techniques.
- Telepathic communication.

☆☆☆Rules of Frea Chat Area☆☆☆:
- Please be kind and gentle.
- Pleasse don't hesitate to take me to a private reading at anytime.
- All questions should be answered in private.
- No free cards for any regular more.

❤❤❤How I work in private readings is❤❤❤:
-Channeling with my spiritual guides and getting visions or images.
- No sugar coating and giving fake hopes throughout my readings.
- Getting connected with your own spiritual guides through conveying messages.
- Remote viewing with regard to quick questions.
- Dream interpretation with regard to images and astral projection.
- Private course about astral travelling.

❤❤❤Energy Work❤❤❤:
- Cleansing negativity.
- Cleansing heart chakra.
- Cutting the cords.
- Candle work for manifestations wih regard to love and money issues.

First of all, I would like to state that I have a bachelor degree with regard to the major English Language and Literature. Thus, I'm good at communication and verbal skills. . So, it can be claimed that communication is the best are that I can succeed in order to help the people who are facing with some hardships in their lives including:
- Love and Career Life.
- Loss of their loved ones.
- Blockages that belong to the past lives.
- Spirits that are hard to communicate.

Secondly,I'm a naturally born medium. I'm clairvoyant and empath. It can also be claimed that I'm clairaudient and clairscent. I can pick up the person's feelings and can sense the current situation easily in order to help the person as much as I can. I can get focused by my mind and through my guides. I'm telepathic as well in terms of getting connected with the person through remote viewing without seeing them. I get the messages from my spiritual guides or I have the ability to see the images in a clear and vivid way.However, I can confirm my predictions with using cards. I can also read auras and analyze the person's spiritual traits.I also do remote viewing in order to detect the real issue in terns of seeing the current emotional distress which can be based upon the person who might need help including to discover his or her inner self realization.

It could be stated that mediumship skills are hereditary in my own family. My grandmother was born in Greece. I have Greek hereditary as well. My grandmothers' senses were so powerful that she could see even death coming for the person. However, she did not choose this path to follow her mediumship skills. My mother is gifted in terms of getting messages in her dreams, but she doesn't work as a medium as well. From time to time, I get some visions in my dreams as well. I had chosen to follow mediumship path in order to help people as much as i can. I just work with my own intuation and spirits. The whole future messages pop into my mind in a natural way. I have the ability to analyze astral related dreams in which a person faces with a lot of confusion. I believe in universe and angels. In thıs sense, I can guide you how to maniftes your own dreams according to the law of universal attraction and angel communication. I have the gift to do rituals based upon opening the doors in love and career life.

I have been reading for people since 8 years. I had discovered my own gifts when i was 22. Beforehand, I always had the gift to be revealed. I hear spirits and I have visions that come true for people who are about to die, too. I can channel with the dead people who had passed away. I can help the person who want to get connected with a loved one had passed away in order to give him or her the needly message. I can easily get connected with the other side. I also can get connected with angels, and I don't use any tools in order to complete a full reading. I had worked on my skills a lot. I just trained myself alone. I have the ability to read past lives. However, we have a lot of past lives. I can get focus on one past life in a very specific way so that the person can let go his emotional chains that he or she keeps inside of her soul as a deep grief or punishment.

Besides, when i was a teenager i always used to hear voices. My ability had been shut down due to the fact that I had been convinced there was noone around me. According to parental issues, my gifts had been shut down till the age of 22. They all returned to me back again in a very intense way. In this sense, I consider myself lucky to be a medium in order to achieve my goals such as helping people who have love, job and emotional issues. I can get focus on the person so well that I can clarify the real issue in my readings.
In addition to these, II can do protection, love and healing rituals .I'm also a healer so that I can work on a person's heart chakra in order to take away the whole pain, surpressions, tension and anger that they hold on in a very rigid way. It can be stated that I can send healing energy for people whom have suffering from chronic pains, lack of self esteem and emotional disorder with regard to anxiety issues.
Furthermore, I do tea and coffee readings. You can request these readings from me via email or when I'm online and have the time to tea or cofffe readings in a private chat area. I have the gift to interpreting the images in tea or coffee groundings.Furthermore, I'm good at picture readings. I can analyze the related person's aura, past lives and future prediction during these readings.

❤❤❤Here is some members said about me❤❤❤:

" Great reader. Wonderful person. So kind so caring. Always honest." by desichick1983, Lansing, Michigan.

"Best reader ever!!!!! Happy returning customer"by cosmiclatte, LOS ANGELES.

"She is the best!!!!!!!!!! " by jadensmamma09, arlington.


"Brilliant read as always. Spot on." by natei08, Melbourne.

" Always gives me clarity, such a pleasure to consult, she is fast and accurate, I am a returning client, and I know she's the best. I recommend, Thank you Angel." by itryoften20,USA.

"All I can say is wow wow wow excellent!!!!!" by Cache23, San Francisco.



"Lovely reading as per usual. Very fast and detailed." victoria111, london.

"She is the best, no sugar coating always honesty and a sweetheart." sarahjlk, cleveland, OH

"Sharp as always." Gene, Hawaii.

"Fast, accurate readings! :)" Fairytales82, Finland
❤❤❤Special Thanks to Shariananda❤❤❤
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PS: When you need an urgent reading while I'm offline, GET A READING WITH VISIONARY!!!
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Tarot reading, Angel card reading, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Natural healing, Chakra healing, Angel readings, Angel communication, Angel healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found

Member testimonials

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She is the best. I really like her honesty and sweetness. She is always right and always makes me feel better about whatever situation l may be dealing with at the time.
- by alex, usa
Thnaks a lot for the reading. Gonna b more strong and better , us ee the same thing always so i am hppy prediciton remains same.
- by niha, USA
great reading as always. prediction came to pass xxx
- by Carina777, lyon
- by NIHA, USA
i like her soo much. she is the best and she is so good. she always asks me to grow and move forward in life. She has never ever guided me wrong abt read more »
- by niharika, USa
Thanks. appreciate a lot. will get back to take updates.
- by niha, usa
Thank you for your reading! God bless, Rainbow.
- by Rainbowspirit123, Kiev
great reading, good fun, always on the spot... very reliable xxx
- by carynia, lyon
Thanks for all the excellent wonderful readings you have given me. they mean a lot. U never lie or deceive me , and i appeciate that s much . ur the only one wh read more »
- by niha, usa
Wow. I am impressed. Will use again.
- by jkjkjk, nmnmnm
Wow.. today she literally shocked me when she said something that was running in my mind , only i knew.. i was planing on taking a revenge on one of the friends read more »
- by niha, USA
The best on here. whenever i need any advise i only chose her coz she is the only one on Oranum whose predictions came true for me and continue to come true .. read more »
- by Niha, usa
Interesting. Seems like she was good physic.
- by hhh, bbbb
Thanks Angel. very tough tme.. i hope gonna go through and come out strong and blessings for being there always..for 2.5 years now..u mean so much xoxoxox god belss u...
- by Niha, USA
- by loveanddlight, uk
fast and accurate. always great. looking forward to the results of my efforts. highly recommended. x
- by carina, lyon
Thanks again.prediction came true. wil keep u updated ...thanks for being there and being honest ...
- by niharika, usa
Thanks soo much, I cant belibe every single word u predicted in the last reading came true as is.. Wow angel ur really really the most genuine n real psychic .u read more »
- by Niha, USA
Thank u soo much Angel ur predciiton came true .. i always feel good coz u r there...thanks much take care blessings!!!
- by NIharika, USA
Thanks much as usal looks predcition coming true again :)
- by niha, USA
Thanks much Angel. I am so hapy to have you in my life .. everything in todays long reading makes soo much sense.. i am amazed especialy at the way you read fee read more »
- by Niha, USA
Prediction came ..word by word. amazing Angel..xoxoxoxox
- by niha, usa
Thanks Much have been so patient always..answer all matter how silly they r at times.... and your predictions always keep coming true read more »
- by niha, usa
Ecellent right on the mark.
- by Judith , New York
- by NIHA, USA
Thanks Much!!! Everything made sense as usual ..will keep u posted ..its zoo tough without u here u much xoxoxoxox
- by niha, usa
Always very insightful. Many of her predictions have unfolded for me in the past. I'm hoping this one does too.
- by Mimi, Kuwait
She is realy the BEST psychic here.. This is coming from someone who used to see 100s 2 years back..but no predictions ever came true with others.. with Angelfu read more »
- by Niha, USA
Very good.. I like her honesty and her work is great.
- by dejuir , Compton
She was good. I a not a huge fan of tarot cards but I loved how she used them. Fascinating.
- by eli, east lansing
She is the best, I love her readings. She is always accurate and on the mark. So much fun and and a great sense of humor. Life would be no fun without her. I am so happy to have met her. Love her smile! xoxo
- by wickie, usa
Thnaks Much..ur the best..
- by niha, usa
SHe is the best!!
- by Etta, Myrtle Beach
She was very accurate
- by Jelisa , Houston
Thnaks Much..waiting for ur predcition to happen...thanks as always for being patient with me..u have really helped me through all tough times..i respect u n love u much..take care god bless u
- by Niha, USA
Thanks Much..long reading after a long time...hpe things get better..see ya again...bbyeee fro now take care
- by Niha, USA
Thank you for your reading, God bless!
- by Rainbowspirit123, Kiev
Best on here. 100x better then jim or any other expert. A rare psychic this day in age. She tells the truth without caring about your feelings involved.
- by Dan, NYC
Thanks zoo much for answering all my questions patiently..and for all the accurate readings and will be so difficult without u...hope to see u a read more »
- by niha, usa
thank u once again for the kind advice. it is important to me.thanks!
- by jt, sg
Thanks Angel..ur prediction came true bat the contact..Will keep u posted..i don't need to worry bat ur predictions coz they always happen :)) take care blessin read more »
- by Niha, usa
Thanks again. your predictionss from the last reading came true. everything u told me today made soo much sense..hope to get readigns from u all the life..coz its soo accurate n logical.see ya take care
- by Niha, USA
Wonderful , clear and crisp reader
- by ubiquitious, india
She is good very good...worth a reading
- by Rosa, Sydney
one more prediction happend.happy news this time..thanks much see ya again always addicted to u n ur awesome readings..lovr u xoxoxoxxo
- by niha, usa
such a good reader!
- by ramona, Tiverton
Thanks much.waiting for ur prediction to come true ,which i know will like all other predictions did..thanks tale care bless
- by niha, usa
Wow ,, one more prediction came true ,..she predicted something for wednesday , and it happened like it was predicted..she is the most amazing and my only one u angel xoxoxoox take care
- by Niha, usa
thanks much...everything u predicted keeps coming true..lets see how long this goes...i trust u ...coz have seen so many things n evytime u have come true...wil read more »
- by niha, usa
- by rani, india
Thank you Angel for your reading
- by irelandirish, Ireland
She has been my go-to person on Oranum for a while. I trust her because she gives you the good with the bad, and she's almost always right in both cases. Someti read more »
- by Mimi, Kuwait
Fast and Accurate reader. highly recommend her
- by ubiquitious, india
Thank you for your insight on my questions! God bless!
- by Rainbowspirit123, Kiev
Awesome reading, straight on the topic
- by ubiquitious, india
Not bad. I hope her prediction comes true.
- by Lisa, USA
i always trust angelful reading....u know that she is not sugar coating and tell you as it is. she always gives an advice card that is practical! thanks alot dear!
- by jt, sg
She is quick and accurate
- by t, Europe
Love u much!! thanks for all the amazingly Accurate readings so far and many more to come in future...xoxoxoxox bless u..
- by niha, usa
love her soo much...she is soo quick and awesome BS only n only truth..and her readings for this week came true again.all is going like she mentioned..hoping eveyrthing comes true ..see ya
- by niharika, usa
WOW, she does not bullshit. Quick answers! HONEST!
- by Tammy, New Jersey
My favorite reader...forever....i have seen so many readers on this year me zoo many ..not a single prediction came true ever no matter h read more »
- by niha, usa
Thank you for the reading
- by pigletme123, asia
Excellent reading 100% accurate
- by Rutinha133, Sydney
OMG..all her predictions came true..big one this time...finally ....m happy to have her...she is not only my only psychic here but my very good friend now...hav read more »
- by Niha, USA
a predcition came true again..witing for others to unfold..thanks Angel..ur myonly one here..the best and most honest one....thans for bein there in all the goo read more »
- by NIHA, USA
thanks for ur patience is all u can say at this time..u have been always rte i hope i am patient and all goes well.thanks
- by niha, usa
Has been while to update good news.. wish il update u soon with a good news..take care and i wish best for u..coz i like u soooo much .ur soo honest accurate and the best here...bless u....
- by niha, USA
Very nice person and excellent psychic
- by barbara, philadelphia
thanks for the reading.. I hope the bad time passes soon..see u again take care ur funny..and accurate
- by niha, usa
Long reading of her prediction came true ..just liek always...and so spot on..even the words wr exactly as she told me.. wow....she is scarily acc read more »
- by niha, USA
omg omg she is solo funyyy....i was so broken and sad ..but her readings and jokes makes me jet fine...i hope ur prediction this time comes true as always it do read more »
- by niha, usa
Always a help..Didnt sugarcoat anything and told me what I needed to hear. Thank you!
- by Tee, TN
She is so direct and accurate, words cannot express!
- by REbecca, United States
- by NIHA, USA
thanks soooo much my dear Angel for that awesome wonderful fun filled reading u zoo much and ur amazing readings and prediction which always happe read more »
- by Niha, USA
Very good
- by Vivienne, Sydney
been a long time since Ive had a reading from her, but great as usual!
- by kw, usa
great as always. highly recommended. fast and precise. predictions always happened xxx
- by carina , lyon
Angel, my true friend for life.......She always tells me the truth and never lies just to make me feel good.....100% honesty always......Predictions have come t read more »
- by Ebony, Boston
Thanks Much Angel..ur patience with me..i really value everything u say...and ur prediction again came true.. will update u soon , hope the visa thing gets done read more »
- by niha, USA
Angel is the best on oranum- knows the current situation perfectly without me telling her (about how someone feels and intentions) and outcome is always accurat read more »
- by littleone, Europe
Angel is very insightful and accurate!! Really enjoyed my reading and thank you !
- by Lynda22, usa
Awesome reading, very insightful..
- by ubiquitious, india
Thanks Angel so much for typing to me..All ur readings have come true..every single time...ur zoo accurate and quick in reaing feelings and so ama read more »
- by Niha, usa
she is the best on Oranum strait to the point no fluff accurate an concise
- by devene, stockton
- by devene, stockton
She is the BEST!!!!
- by Rebecca, Myrtle Beach
Sorry Angel Dear , was short of credits today …i will come again n see u for a detailed reading..but just wanna tell u , i have never seen any one like u..ur read more »
- by Niha, USA
Great reading! Gave me some honest advice, so let's see what happens..
- by Mimi, Kuwait
As always Angel has been one of my favorite experts on Oranum since the beginning of last year and I will always consult her because she always tells the truth read more »
- by ebonyeyes32, Boston
Very honest and insightful reader
- by Mimi, Kuwait
thank u for ur honest and grounded advice! :)
- by jean, sg
quick update after a long time. Thanks much..egverything seems accurate , i love that u never sugar coat, every prediction you do for me comes true..i wish the read more »
- by Niha, USA
Excellent reader.
- by Mimi, Kuwait
She has never told me a lie, she only give accuracy!
- by Etta, North Beach
Always reassuring, and I know I can trust her advice and predictions.
- by Mimi, Kuwait
Very good reading.
- by Lou, Dallas
thank u for ur direct answers and advice. thank u!
- by jt, sg

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