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CelebritypsychicDaz TV & RADIO International Psychic Medium

Direct, dazzling, insightful and amazing as it may seem visions guide me, voices direct me, the future shines as I look ahead for you. For your next phase what I predict will bring an enlightened opportunity to open invisible doors into a tomorrow that holds your dreams.

Daz Sampson is my name and I am a former Pop-Singing sensation with multi million selling songs ‘TEENAGE LIFE’ and many others featured on International TV across the world. I represented the UK in The 2006 Eurovison Song Contest, I have been in the Pop Music charts, on MTV I even appeared on the Terry Wogan TV Chat Show, you name it The Daz Man did it. Then suddenly the clapping stopped and I hit a very serious brick wall in life. If you have ever been depressed, down, on the very floor and below then there I was ready to quit. My thoughts as all the doors closed and the pop industry moved on was to end it, I almost gave in, almost. I was in tears, despair overwhelmed me as all those false friends from the days of money and fame vanished leaving me alone unwanted, in fact I was suicidal.

One lonely afternoon I sat on the edge of dispair looking at a rope I had hidden away and thought the time had come. Tears fell down my cheeks as I considered how cruel fate had thrown me onto life’s scrapheap there was no point now, these thoughts were in my mind when I heard a magnificent voice speak to me ‘You have work to do’ it said, when I looked up I saw before me the most brilliantly beautiful angel glowing in shimmering bright white light and looking at me with clear dark eyes that shone with the power of love. I must have fainted with shock, but when I next opened my eyes there was within me a new hope, a new vision and I felt charged with an amazing positive energy. The visitation of that angel changed my life, I knew that there was a job I had to do in this material world, I had to help others that like me faced despair and desperation.

From that day onwards I Daz Sampson the one time pop singer have been in very serious development working at first within The Spiritualist Church in the UK.

‘Daz is a visionary, a man of today with images of tomorrow that will bring hope and inspiration to all that seek his advice’.

I am now available to help you and would respectfully request that before you consider booking a private reading with me you decide on your questions:
LOVE: Give me your name, I will open my mind and ‘see’ what dreams may come for you.
MONEY: Your prosperity has a path, there is a direction and I will ‘see’ the signposts to guide you.
CAREER: Each of us has natural gift, you are a special and unique individual, I will look and ‘see’ the right pathway advising and guiding.
FAMILY: Desires and dreams can be lost within the confines of a close nuclear family, let me look and ‘see’ what wonders await you.

My work now is taking me onto a new journey and I am currently a leading member of a television series on The Paranormal being filmed within the UK featuring many seriously haunted houses. This TV series will be screened on terrestrial TV Channels in the UK and then available worldwide.

The Daz man is back. My angel is with me and what I must do now is follow my pathway and that is to help enlighten others.
I can bring you visions of hope. I will always do my best to help you and I am absolutely sincere in my belief and understanding that life is eternal, there is for all a direction and you can succeed. It is always darkest before the dawn, I know I once stood on the edge and an angel saved me. Let me be your guide and I promise with all my heart to give you exactly what my guides give me.

I am Daz Sampson and you can contact me in Free Chat here.
With Blessings, love and the power from above: CelebritypsychicDaz.
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daz is the man, no question, always on the money, he just knows, answers questions before i ask them, unf..kin real, if you need guidance he is the one to see, read more »
- by pauly61, big city
Thanks Daz it was good seeing you again, have missed you.! please everyone who reads this have a reading with Daz, you wont be sorry.
- by gipsygirl, south africa
he is wonderful ad carring he is amazing
- by Viviann, wiscom
- by gipsygirl, SOUTH AFRICA
Wow that was great and needed from you. Took too long for me to see you. lolol I got it and will say something and calm down and for sure be planning a trip with him. Thanks lovey that was WONDERFUL..
- by Islandgirl, USA
Daz is the only one you need to speak to....everything he says has come true..he is honest and accurate..the best.. Dont fool with anyone else
- by COCO, sf
DAZZZZZ...you are such a gem and great soul..many thanks for helping me always..I Trust in you..soooo accurate always..u know everything xxx
- by t, europe
OMG SO AMAZED! This was my first reading with Celebritypsychic and he was absolutely right on. He was careful to answer my questions in the allotted time and read more »
- by Amanda, New York
He's super fun. His gifts are incredible, and he picks up on things quickly. As a male, his insight is important to me (primarily because it's a perspective I p read more »
- by Erica, Maryland
a great reader.
- by robsam, hull
THE BEST!! I will say it over and over again because he is SUPER ACCURATE and 100% hits the nail everytime we talk!!! He knows how the person feels ,what is to read more »
- by Admirer, xxx
Love this guy. I can't even begin to put into words what his readings do for me. They are very special. I trust him 100% and I don't trust easily as he knows so read more »
- by Lyn , Scotland
amazing wish i had more time
- by shellbynz, a
Thanks Daz you have given me good advice and Im going to fllow it and I will report back when Iget home thankyou for your support xxxxx
- by tam, EUROPE
My Day /My life only gets better when I see Daz . He is sooo fantastic and accurate that it blows my mind every single time. i love him to bits for what he has read more »
- by nan, xxx
Honest answers and he tells you before you ask. He knows your situation and gives good advice.
- by gldnaura, norcal
Great person,very nice and friendly.patient and gives great advise.thank you.
- by e, us
So good to have you back Daz have missed you, thanks for a positive reading, you are number 1 !
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Love this guy he's the best. It has been way too long since we have spoken and a lot has happened but I am so glad I managed to catch him tonight. Him and someo read more »
- by Lyn , Scotland
wow thank you so much really missed this reader by far the best 1 in a million .. thank u so much I am going to take all your advise an listen to u 4 no read more »
- by angeloflight, shineing soul
oh my what can I say .. okay I come from a family full of nothing but psychic readers an I am 1 my self but daz is really awesome I tell you pull him priva read more »
- by angeloflight, some were
Thank you BABY :) ♥ Your charming personality always eases up our conversation and your brilliant gift helps me every step of my path way . Your the BEST guid read more »
- by nan, xxx
he knew things about me that were so correct and situation.
- by goldn, norcal
Great guy!! Reads fast in private and honest... 2nd reading with him awesome!!!
- by Lady Misses Diva, Dallas
The best reading I have ever had. If and when you can, please stop by and see him!
- by Lary, Pittsburgh
Daz...well..he is Amazing..he sees clearly and I trust his visions..they are beautiful
- by t, europe
Daz- Love ya!! Your the BEST !!! As always - Its great to talk to you. and your abilities never ceases to amaze me.Your FANTASTIC ♥♥
- by nan, xxx
BEST as always
- by nan, xxx
Daz is my one and only..the one I trust. EVERYTHING HE SAID IS HAPPENING....he can truly be trusted.
- by COCO, SF
Wow! Celebrity blew me away by what he knew! He even knew my connection to another area. I was so shocked!! He's the best!!! Give him a try! Thanks Daz....you're amazing! Can't wait to update you soon.
- by Amy, Maryland
Daz is number 1 and thats it!
- by coco, sf
My Daz- My love - He is the BEST !! I absolutely 100% trust him. Everything , I mean ,everything he says comes TRUE!!! and u can go back thinking 'Daz told me s read more »
- by nan, xxx
He is fantasic give him 10 sstars
- by Susanna, wiscom
Love daz,,,he is #1...there is no other...trust him, he will guide you. Everything he said would happen..is happening.
- by coco, SF
Daz is the one to come to for accuracy and good advice.
- by Maggie, USA
people need to know that you can trust what Daz says 100%...EVERYTHING he said would happen...IS HAPPENING!! Not like any other reader I have been to..you can t read more »
- by cocogirl1, .
always perfect
- by janice, maryland
always such clarity
- by Janice, naryland
Wow!!!!! Amazing!!!! He picked up right away on my situation that is literally so bizarre and complicated! He knew about my 3 family members who have passed too! I can't wait till he returns here!!!! Thanks Celebrity
- by Amy, Maryland
good advice. lots of great detail picked up and he understood the situation without me having to explain anything. interested to see how it all plays out. thanks for your help!
- by erica, maryland
simple amazing
- by Janice, maryland
Daz is always amazing! Very gifted and quick to answer. Always positive and I end each session with a smile! Thanks Daz! Keep up the good work.
- by Lisa, Mitten
Daz -Your the BEST!!! Thank you sooo much for always being there ! Your absolutely RIGHT about everything..!! You have a great gift..You DELIVER all the time!! read more »
- by nan, xxx
DAZ IS MY MAN!!!! NO ONE ELSE has been as honest and on point as Daz. Don't waste any time with other psychics. Get Daz while you can!
- by COCO , SF
I LOVE Daz. He is absolutely fantastic. He is extremely caring and all his predictions come true.He will support you and guide you thru' the 'RIGHT" path and he read more »
- by nan, xxx
Daz is my one and only advisor..I gave up on everyone else bc I don't need anyone when I have Daz..I am so blessed to have him on my side.xoxoxo love him!
- by COCO, SF
Thank you for your words of wisdom. I was struggling with things a little bit but after your reading today I believe things will be ok. I am so glad she made an read more »
- by Lyn , Scotland
Daz is fantastic - calm, quick, always in the know! Watch out though - he is always honest and true and that sometimes may not seem so pleasant , if you don't want to hear the truth. :) Good luck to all
- by Petra, UK
best psychic! will be back
- by mini, usa
very wonderfu person he is Amazing!!! Give him 10 Stars
- by Susanna, morris
he is great every time and he knows what u goin to say before u say it so he does help u in a way only he can I have never meet anyone who can read and be so accurate on ones own thoughts
- by adi, uk
- by COCO, SF
Daz..he is my pillar of strength..he has been helping me a lot and he sees everything so clearly that it amazes me..many thanks Daz for being there xx
- by t, ...
Celeb's the real deal....spot on, quick, cares about the situation and me, i appeciate his counsel.
- by Granville Crenwick, Olibanum Terrace
celeb's very intuitive, i appreciate his counsel, hes quick and to the point.
- by Cyrus Billirae, Fort WOrth
Daz is always amazing! Knew what I was going to ask before I asked it. xxxx I trust every advice he gives and all that he predicts
- by Liza, Earth
he is very good and helps u as well as tell u how it is .....
- by ida, uk
Thanks again Daz, really hoping the promotion comes through for him, he really deserves it. Thanks for being you! just love the way you pick up on everything you are truly gifted. x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
love, love, love chatting with you Daz. You always are on top with that is going on in my life. Will be back later to continue this conversation
- by mystique810, Deport
always 1000% spot on! I could never thank you enough for how you help me xxxx
- by Lauren, AUS
my best and best guide enough said
- by ida , uk
Great reading, the best. Thank you!
- by A, O
It was a pleasure to read with Daz, again. He is in tune to myself, energy, and situation. He also provides plenty of helpful advice, in order to ensure that yo read more »
Daz is my man!!! One and only psychic to go to, he keeps me on track. Listen to him and you will get what you want. Love Daz....
- by Ray Gal, Love town
Amazing energy he has! Very accurate and great to talk to!
- by ******, ******
Thank you and I will wait for July.... Curious about the silver/grayish vehicle...
- by Soul Shine, California
Aah , thanks Daz , i got the the positive energy thank you so very much x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
this guy is interesting- something about his energy is very different than most readers on here. I like it. good change for me in feeling grounded in everythi read more »
Had been a while since we had spoken so glad I managed to come for a reading today. I told him what was going on and he has given me some advice. I had some goo read more »
- by Lyn , Scotland
No one can be better
- by Lady, Dubai
He's hilarious. He's really quick with picking up on things. And just the wide array of things he picks up on is impressive. I hadn't read with him in almost a read more »
- by Erica, Maryland
- by Eve, Liverpool
He is a fabulous reader. Right on the money. Picked up on everything. His spirit guide Elizabeth is a pleasure. God Bless Elizabeth.
- by Cheryl, Phoenix
excellent. knows things and tells before you ask the question. amazing. the real deal.
- by christine, california
He is wonderful he makes you feel good. Give him 10 sstars
- by charlie, wiscom
Love Daz :) What he sees is what will unfold. If you think you can trust someone , its got be him!!!he is absolutely BRILLIANT.Love you Daz. Thank you sooooo much :) Your the BEST♥♥
- by nan, xxx
had a very insightful and positive reading. will make sure i come back for more.i had a very positive feeling about where my life is heading. will make sure i come back for more reading. :) cheers
- by meera, dubai
He definitely delivered what he promised. Much info in a short time. Natural ability, pertinent information. I did not mind contributing to his cause for the Make a Wish Foundation
- by queenofzenya, California
Am really happy I met CelebrityPsychic....he connected with my energy immediately. Appreciate what he had to say and the guidance he gave me. Great reader...a read more »
- by Carrie, Wau
Daz is my man...keeps my sane and guides me as I need it ! He is the one and only to go to ! genuine, honest and amazing.
- by RAYGAL, Love town
one word excellent
- by t, uk
Always brightens my day! He is spot on accurate! A must see!!
- by ****, ****
Celebritypsychic is by far the best on Oranum! He is the real deal!!
- by *****, ******
Thanks Daz, my trusted friend, for the care and concern you always show me. x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
I'm speechless, he knew my situation as soon as i entered his room without saying anything to him. He is very positive and very uplifting, always knows how to p read more »
- by Ames21, UK
thank you so much celeb - you have been a great help throughout
- by nk, ca
thank you very much for all your help, I will come back to you soon, and will continue working myself out of what I am going through. You are the best!!
- by s, LA
So great i must com back again right now.
- by s, ca
Wonderful, and accurate. I am very happy with this reading. thank you so much
- by sangeeta, texas
- by RAYGAL, Love town
Your too good to me thank you. I will watch both!!! It is this year and I do believe you. I will be back to say I saw him in about a week. xoxox
- by Islandgirl, MI
He's the real deal! His predictions in the past have come true. He gives good sound advice on your situation. He's the one I prefer to come to.
- by Maggie, USA
You are my rock, thanks Daz. reading all the wonderful reviews you recieve, who can argue with them, as they all come from the heart. Any one who has not had a reading with Daz is missing out BIG TIME!!!
- by gipsygirl, south Africa
Ever the amazing Daz :))) what can I say? He makes me speechless with his insight
- by Liz, Earth
thank you so much celeb - you have been honest - and accurate and tapped in to me very deeply - your amazing !
- by NK, CA
This was the most incredible reading I have ever had, I think, ever! I had a serious wall up in this reading, and Daz knocked it right down! He picked up on som read more »
- by Ballerina, --
thank you so much celeb -
- by nk, Canada
Fabulous as always!!
- by nan, xxx
What an excellent reader Daz is! I wouldn't swap for anyone else. There is no-one else on this website that gets all the insight immediately! Always very thorou read more »
- by P, UK
daz helped me once again, getting me back on the right track. I was at my lowest. He just knows how to pick me right back up. Brilliant psychologically and with read more »
- by mini, usa

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