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CelebritypsychicDaz TV & RADIO International Psychic Medium

Direct, dazzling, insightful and amazing as it may seem visions guide me, voices direct me, the future shines as I look ahead for you. For your next phase what I predict will bring an enlightened opportunity to open invisible doors into a tomorrow that holds your dreams.

Daz Sampson is my name and I am a former Pop-Singing sensation with multi million selling songs ‘TEENAGE LIFE’ and many others featured on International TV across the world. I represented the UK in The 2006 Eurovison Song Contest, I have been in the Pop Music charts, on MTV I even appeared on the Terry Wogan TV Chat Show, you name it The Daz Man did it. Then suddenly the clapping stopped and I hit a very serious brick wall in life. If you have ever been depressed, down, on the very floor and below then there I was ready to quit. My thoughts as all the doors closed and the pop industry moved on was to end it, I almost gave in, almost. I was in tears, despair overwhelmed me as all those false friends from the days of money and fame vanished leaving me alone unwanted, in fact I was suicidal.

One lonely afternoon I sat on the edge of dispair looking at a rope I had hidden away and thought the time had come. Tears fell down my cheeks as I considered how cruel fate had thrown me onto life’s scrapheap there was no point now, these thoughts were in my mind when I heard a magnificent voice speak to me ‘You have work to do’ it said, when I looked up I saw before me the most brilliantly beautiful angel glowing in shimmering bright white light and looking at me with clear dark eyes that shone with the power of love. I must have fainted with shock, but when I next opened my eyes there was within me a new hope, a new vision and I felt charged with an amazing positive energy. The visitation of that angel changed my life, I knew that there was a job I had to do in this material world, I had to help others that like me faced despair and desperation.

From that day onwards I Daz Sampson the one time pop singer have been in very serious development working at first within The Spiritualist Church in the UK.

‘Daz is a visionary, a man of today with images of tomorrow that will bring hope and inspiration to all that seek his advice’.

I am now available to help you and would respectfully request that before you consider booking a private reading with me you decide on your questions:
LOVE: Give me your name, I will open my mind and ‘see’ what dreams may come for you.
MONEY: Your prosperity has a path, there is a direction and I will ‘see’ the signposts to guide you.
CAREER: Each of us has natural gift, you are a special and unique individual, I will look and ‘see’ the right pathway advising and guiding.
FAMILY: Desires and dreams can be lost within the confines of a close nuclear family, let me look and ‘see’ what wonders await you.

My work now is taking me onto a new journey and I am currently a leading member of a television series on The Paranormal being filmed within the UK featuring many seriously haunted houses. This TV series will be screened on terrestrial TV Channels in the UK and then available worldwide.

The Daz man is back. My angel is with me and what I must do now is follow my pathway and that is to help enlighten others.
I can bring you visions of hope. I will always do my best to help you and I am absolutely sincere in my belief and understanding that life is eternal, there is for all a direction and you can succeed. It is always darkest before the dawn, I know I once stood on the edge and an angel saved me. Let me be your guide and I promise with all my heart to give you exactly what my guides give me.

I am Daz Sampson and you can contact me in Free Chat here.
With Blessings, love and the power from above: CelebritypsychicDaz.
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thanks...will be back!
- by k, paris
Thanks for your honest reading.
- by MN, Aus
Always, always the best - the one and only!
- by Summer, Montgomery
Always always the best! Worthy every cent, filled with amazing insight. Can't wait to see him again.
- by Lisa E, Mitten State
Always awesome thank you so much!!!!
- by Ava, Chicago
crazy amaing reading, per usual. highly recommend.
- by erica, md
daz is the best in the biz, always on the money always good advice, see's right through the situation def worth the time to check him out
- by pauly61, this world
Daz, you are wonderful, and all you say is so positive, you pick up on so many things,and keep me updated with any change that is taking place. I am never disappointed in your readings. 100 stars
- by gipsygirl, south africa
DAZ was great just like I knew he'd be
- by branigan11,
- by Rayhaan, FREEPORT
Daz is great try him, and see for yourself, he picks up on so many things, he could not possibly know about.He is your go to psychic .
- by gipsygirl, South Africa
Daz always says that he doesnt like to prophesize, but things are starting to make sense from what he told me few weeks prior. He mentioned situations which I t read more »
- by Nosh, London
superb update....to the point and crisp
- by sabina0202, India
Daz is simply such a gifted man...reader...friend. I appreciate the clarity he has brought to me, and always does. His connection to spirit is remarkable and read more »
- by Carrie, WI
Thanks for all your help. Its been very good to hear
- by Me, here
always honest and awesome! Thank you
- by brianaaf2, tokyo
another psychic work out with Daz - brilliant - feel much better
- by monalisa , toronto
Look no further - he is the real deal - only Daz
- by Monalisa , toronto
- by Kapil Sharma, Delhi
Thank you Daz! Very spot on with what he knew!! He picked up the situation right on point!! I am excited to see whats to come and for his predictions to pass!!
- by Tiff, here
Good reading, to the point!
- by cat, east coast
Very good. I have used him before and I like him. Thank u :_))))
- by kelly, aust
Hes super ..loved the update for the year . Thanks much love to you cheers
- by sabina0202, India
Thank you so much Daz :) great reading! spot on!! Hope it all comes to pass :)))
- by Tiffany, here
as always thank you!!!!!
- by Ava, Chicago
Just love Daz to bits! he is always so in tune with my life and what is going on. Words are just words, try him for yourself and be amazed!
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Daz's predictions were right so far, and things have been going into place. I love having sessions with him, and a lot comes from it. I'm excited for the next s read more »
- by Amina, New York
thank you so much for giving me the message, that means a lot. You are awesome
- by d, a
very helpful. gave as much information as he could and was spot on with the current situation. Has offered to do some meditation to find out clearer answers to confirm his predictions. Will visit him again very soon :)
- by naygirl911, london
Great as always, thank Daz.
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Always wonderful connecting with the ever-so talented Daz. He helped me work out a lot of issues I have been dealing with, and allowed me to get a clearer view read more »
- by T, --
thank you so much for putting my mind at ease, you were right on in what you sensed. Many blessings !!!
- by d, a
Love him he's the best.
- by Lyn, Scotland
WOW, I love Daz, he felt my situation clearly from the beginning. I am ready to move forward with my situation now!!
- by MerkabahMan633,
Daz is simply amazing :). I felt way more calmer after talking to him today. I was unbelievably anxious about my situation. he gave me advice as well as told me read more »
- by Amina, New York
Daz is truly extraordinary. He is always right and is very helpful in developing my own potential for manifesting. He truly cares, and be ready for the truth, because you will hear it! xo Amanda
- by Amanda, New York
Totally worth it! He's amazing and cut right to the heart of the matter. Excellent in all ways!
- by Summerbreeze888, NC
Daz made a series of predictions for me over the summer, and all of his predictions have come true. I came back for an update, and it was extremely on point. Hi read more »
- by Ballerina, --
Hes the best. He is definitely worth the credits. I trust him 100%!
- by Lyn, Scotland
Daz is just awesome!!!! Came for an update and he is very spot on! Thanks so much
- by Amy, Maryland
awesome reading. he knows your heart and can guide you in the right direction!
- by cat, sc
What a lovely man! Direct to the point and honest, I will be back thank you xx
- by bluetippi2, Brisbane
he was very good gave me answers wish I would have had more time
- by cathy ramirez, strasburg
awesome, amazing, great connection with good advice from spirit,. truly resonates. He sees what is going on exactly as it happens and future revelations. Thank you very much
- by d, a
WOW! You have to get a reading from this man! Absolutely incredible!
- by kitty, columbia
I would not dare go to another reader again. Daz is my one and only, never steared me wrong. He is the best there is....love him to pieces,.
- by Ray Gal, SF
I think Daz is amazing! I feel so much better after speaking with him, and he always explains things in a psychological way to me as well. Such an amazing person, and quite funny too!
- by Amina, Brooklyn
Freaking amazing, got names time frames , wow blew me away....
- by d, a
Daz always surprises me in his details. He is very accurate and fast. Uplifting great guy!
- by Lisa, Michigan
He's the best. I was a little worried about my situation but he has reassured me and made me feel better about things. He picked up everything right away. I trust everything he says to me.
- by Lyn , Scotland
the very very best!!! always so incredible daz thank you for all your help xxxxx
- by Lauren, Australia
Good job
- by TT, USA
he mentioned the name of the guy that I'm friends with that i had a past with, then he connected to my current situation..will see what happens
- by BP, NY
Amazing, sweet, to the point. Get a reading!!
- by moonlyte21, Boston
Daz is wonderful very easy to talk to and very positive energy Give him 10 sstars
- by Viviann, morris
omg he totally blew me away, connected right away and gave me details and hope. He is the bomb!!!!
- by d, a
Amazing, accurate, detailed and reassuring!!
- by mona lisa , Toronto
Excellent, detailed reading. Connects immediately. Very caring towards clients. Highly recommend.
- by Moongirl17, Sydney
- by me, me
- by staying true to whom you are , shineing soul
Hes the best.
- by Lyn , Scotland
Wonderful reader! Highly recommend, great advice! Very good insight on situations!
- by phyllis, w
Excellent as always, i just love the way he picks up on everything straight away. Daz is the real deal.x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
I talk to him only coz he is so darn attractive and sexy!! Yeaa.. n i wanna marry him :)Love him to bits!!
- by Admirer, xxx
I absolutely loved this reading! Daz was so accurate and told me everything the way it is. He explained this from a psychological view and also gave me advice o read more »
- by Amina, Brooklyn
The best there is as always. Not only does Daz see everything about you but he is a genuine, nice guy that cares about his clients. All around wonderful friend and psychic! Thanks Daz!
- by Summer, Montgomery
Thank you very much! it was a very nice reading! :)
- by ..., ..
You were very sincere! Thank you so much for helping me! :) He is really the best here! !! Thank you!! :)
- by ..., ..
Hes the best. Everything he has said has been spot on. I know he is right about everything that he has said. I know that he is the person to get me through what read more »
- by Lyn, Scotland
He gave me the name of the man I was enquiring about. The name of my aunt that was speaking to him, another aunt who is an artist, the colour of my car, the co read more »
- by Ly Lo, Cape Town
He was awesome he was great great!!!! he was great great
- by nancy, az
he's just too damn good!!!!!!!!
- by Lauren, Australia
Daz you are someone who is truly gifted and is the best medium I have ever encountered. I am so happy that I can call you a friend as well.
- by Marynorine, Canada
He's the best. He's been spot on with everything so far that he has said and he gives me advice to help me and I really appreciate that. I trust him 100% I highly recommend him. He is definitely worth the credits.
- by Lyn, Scotland
Did I tell you he is my favorite , my no.1 and the "ONLY" psychic I go to! Coz He is the BEST.Thank you Daz :)
- by admirer, xxx
LOVE HIm :) He is Fantastic and THE BEST.Period!
- by admirer, xxx
Incredible reader... worth every penny. will keep you updated on predictions.
- by Ang, USA
- by Ang, USA
He was great and kind! :) thanks for the support! You seems very honest & kind! thank you so much! he was accurate!!
- by .., ...
Hes the best. He always makes me feel better about everything going on. Trust his words 100%
- by Lyn, Scotland
Hes the best love him.
- by Lyn, Scotland
Wow! Really, as it all up to me! I am going to meet destiny. Amazing and I am looking forward to it.
- by t, d
Your Awesome! I am so Thankful for your in sight! Wow and you never know I may take you up on that offer.
- by T, d
Wow! Opened my eyes to what is really going on. Its all clear now. Very good advice!!
- by FriendlySpirit88, Australia
Wonderful insight!
- by Olga, Minsk
this guy is so so good he just blows my mind when i talk to him he tells u an u do not have to tell him anything its great
- by sandra, martinsburg
Helps me so much. He's honest he tells you exactly what's going on. He doest just say things that you want to hear. He tells it like it is. I really like that about him. Worth the credits.
- by Lyn, Scotland
he is so genuine !!!!so accurate !!
- by myst, usa
my favourite man! his predictions always come true and I very excited for whats to come!!! yay
- by Lauren, Australia
Love him. Reading was brief because it was all I could afford just now but so glad I did. He made me feel so much better about things. Even gave me a prediction read more »
- by Lyn , Scotland
THE BEST!!! No doubts!
- by admirer, xxx
Absolutely Brilliant . This guy is a GENIUS! Love him :)
- by admirer, xxx
oh my god he was mind blowing i told him nothing he told me everything
- by sandra, martinsburg
Awesome!! Seriously good reading. Asked very little, but came through with things about my situation that were accurate. Delivered in a really down to earth fun manner, and constantly moved on. Thank you :)
- by FriendlySpirit88, Australia
always reads my mind before i even say anything!
- by Lauren, Australia
Amazing as usual. This man will never disappoint. The things that he knows, no one could possibly guess or make up. He even told me that I curl my hair with read more »
- by Summer, Millbrook
AMAZEING ...................................... 1 MILLION STARS ...... THANK U SO MUCH
- by staying true to whom you are , some were
I have done a long reading with celebritepsychic and he was on point and he guide for advice was great and he have a warm, heartfelt toward people. He see thing on both sides not just your side. He good and on point
- by vfbrown247, .
Love him he's the best.
- by Lyn , Scotland
thank you for the amazing reading D ;)
- by tg, ny

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