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CelebritypsychicDaz TV & RADIO International Psychic Medium

Direct, dazzling, insightful and amazing as it may seem visions guide me, voices direct me, the future shines as I look ahead for you. For your next phase what I predict will bring an enlightened opportunity to open invisible doors into a tomorrow that holds your dreams.

Daz Sampson is my name and I am a former Pop-Singing sensation with multi million selling songs ‘TEENAGE LIFE’ and many others featured on International TV across the world. I represented the UK in The 2006 Eurovison Song Contest, I have been in the Pop Music charts, on MTV I even appeared on the Terry Wogan TV Chat Show, you name it The Daz Man did it. Then suddenly the clapping stopped and I hit a very serious brick wall in life. If you have ever been depressed, down, on the very floor and below then there I was ready to quit. My thoughts as all the doors closed and the pop industry moved on was to end it, I almost gave in, almost. I was in tears, despair overwhelmed me as all those false friends from the days of money and fame vanished leaving me alone unwanted, in fact I was suicidal.

One lonely afternoon I sat on the edge of dispair looking at a rope I had hidden away and thought the time had come. Tears fell down my cheeks as I considered how cruel fate had thrown me onto life’s scrapheap there was no point now, these thoughts were in my mind when I heard a magnificent voice speak to me ‘You have work to do’ it said, when I looked up I saw before me the most brilliantly beautiful angel glowing in shimmering bright white light and looking at me with clear dark eyes that shone with the power of love. I must have fainted with shock, but when I next opened my eyes there was within me a new hope, a new vision and I felt charged with an amazing positive energy. The visitation of that angel changed my life, I knew that there was a job I had to do in this material world, I had to help others that like me faced despair and desperation.

From that day onwards I Daz Sampson the one time pop singer have been in very serious development working at first within The Spiritualist Church in the UK.

‘Daz is a visionary, a man of today with images of tomorrow that will bring hope and inspiration to all that seek his advice’.

I am now available to help you and would respectfully request that before you consider booking a private reading with me you decide on your questions:
LOVE: Give me your name, I will open my mind and ‘see’ what dreams may come for you.
MONEY: Your prosperity has a path, there is a direction and I will ‘see’ the signposts to guide you.
CAREER: Each of us has natural gift, you are a special and unique individual, I will look and ‘see’ the right pathway advising and guiding.
FAMILY: Desires and dreams can be lost within the confines of a close nuclear family, let me look and ‘see’ what wonders await you.

My work now is taking me onto a new journey and I am currently a leading member of a television series on The Paranormal being filmed within the UK featuring many seriously haunted houses. This TV series will be screened on terrestrial TV Channels in the UK and then available worldwide.

The Daz man is back. My angel is with me and what I must do now is follow my pathway and that is to help enlighten others.
I can bring you visions of hope. I will always do my best to help you and I am absolutely sincere in my belief and understanding that life is eternal, there is for all a direction and you can succeed. It is always darkest before the dawn, I know I once stood on the edge and an angel saved me. Let me be your guide and I promise with all my heart to give you exactly what my guides give me.

I am Daz Sampson and you can contact me in Free Chat here.
With Blessings, love and the power from above: CelebritypsychicDaz.
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very energetic, thank you
- by nf1, ~~
Great Person very Positive in everything that he does and says. Very Helpful in every way. Give him 5 stars. Connects with all your loved ones to help you through the hard times and gives you hope for the future.
- by Viviann, Massapequa
Love you to bits!! muaah :)
- by nand89, xxx
a year and a half of readings with daz and he still blows my mind EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!! so many predictions have happened and all so accurate!! could never thank you enough!!!
- by Lauren, Australia
Such a great guy. He really knows what he is saying and I loved the time and every penny is well spent. Highly recommended.
- by Me, Arlington
Verification of everything Daz has told me before. Just needed a little pick me up and of course he delivered. Daz is great, consistent, accurate, fun, and deta read more »
- by Jennifer, ...
Well, it was amazing as to how caring he was. He reacted with the story like it was his and he asked to meditate for more depth and accuracy. I like the way h read more »
- by Lady, Arlington
Daz is amazing! He spoke my name in a previous name and did not say anything about it. Daz has been giving me that push in the right direction to where I need. Thanks so much, you are amazing!
- by Swede, NY
thank you very much. Really enjoyed this reading!
- by marie7498, uk
Another great reading his amazing his the best thank you .
- by hope love son, usa
Good reader. Would highly recommend! We shall see if his predictions come to pass.
- by M, W
He is a sweetheart..genuinely wants to help, I am in good hands finally!! Thank you !!! I am glad to have him on my side..xoxox
- by Mrs. T, SF
thanks for the clarity
- by bradford princess , London
apart from his superior psychic abilities this expert is a great guy,,, thanx..
- by zimerili1, orlando
i have to say his amazing he was right to the point and told me lots a thing from start saw my problem and his very helpful I want to thank you so much for grea read more »
- by hope love sun, usa
- by jana, sydney
- by gipsygirl, south africa
This guy is phenomenal!! He was able to pick up on things there was no way anyone could possibly know. His first prediction happened, and I'm feeling really pos read more »
- by M, W
great reading very connected :)
- by yellow, uk
daz really is too amazing for words!!!
- by Lauren, Australia
VERY VERY GOOD!!! amazing
- by COCO, San Francisco
OMG...He connected immediately. He came up with my love's name without me telling him..the first and the last name. Incredible....really incredible.
- by Future Mr. T, SF
super quick, to the point... thank you!
- by jc, london
thank daz i know what i got to do!
- by israel macharro, college station, texas
celebrity psychic is so uplifting an powering that he makes me feel i can conquer anything. he shocked me when he told me what i was thinking word for word. he told me not to fear thank you! celebrity psychic!
- by israel macharro, college station, texas
Had been far too long since we managed to talk but so glad I finally got to speak to him for update. Our readings are truly special and I really do feel so grat read more »
- by Lyn, Scotland
Ur the BEST thing that's happened to me!! Its incredible how you say and feel those things that you do!! I WILL BELIEVE IN IT!!! I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! and it read more »
- by nand89, xxx
- by james agnew, glasgow
incredibly accurate!!!!!!!!!
- by Lauren, Australia
Was very good, seemed to have connected spot on to passed loved ones.
- by xxxx, xxxx
Another great reading from Daz! Very insightful, full of energy and positive. Helps put things in the appropriate light.
- by Lisa, Mitten State
Been a VERY long time sence I have met a amazing reader.. This guy blows my mind. :) Thank you
- by Sarah, Orlando...
Daz you are the best and right on the dot with everything we were discussing! I highly recommend using Daz for any questions you may have. Have a great week!!
- by mystique810, Deport
Daz, thank you so much for the positive message, i do feel we are moving forward, so grateful to you. Thanks for contacting me today , really means a lot. xx you make me feel special!!
- by gipsygirl, south africa
great job
- by michele gould, Cape Vincent
amazing! im excited for spring now!!! ha
- by jessi, wild wild west
daz is brilliant, he always connects fast so fast without me saying a word, just hits it on the head every time, unbelievable from the first reading, every read read more »
- by pauly61, us of a
very good always spot on DAZ
- by uk, hen
could not have any more love, respect and appreciation for this incredible man!!!!! I have been seeing daz for a year and a half now and EVERYTHING he has told read more »
- by Lauren, Australia
nailed it!!
- by bradford princess , bradford
you are the best!!! i love ur positive attidtide
- by meera , duabi
thanks so much daz. you really put things into perspective for me. you absolutely, 100%, felt what I am feeling and for that i have a lot of respect for your gi read more »
- by mini, usa
daz thank you for your support and help daz. you helped a lot. I thank you so much! you truly shocked me with the last reading when you mentioned the exact word read more »
- by israel macharro, college station, texas. united states
So awesome Daz dazzled me once again.. He was spot on with the timing of the sale of our 2nd house last pvt.. He gave me such encouragement and a blessed birthd read more »
- by Janine, USA
Amazing as always
- by Eve, Liverpool
Great reading with Daz! Very spot on and uplifting. Will see again.
- by Lisa, USA
Excellent, confirmed all of my feelings and gave me some good insight and advice! A great reading as usual.
- by Jen, Wonderland
psychic daz was straight up honest and connected like no one else. he picked my thoughts a part and my feelings. he knew what's to come big time! thank you daz.
- by israel machorro, college station
wow, blows me away, thanks Daz love you x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Wow he blew me away!! He picked up on everything!! Very very good!!!
- by Tiffany, USA
Always keeps me positive and makes me remember to work hard and be true to myself. Would recommend to anyone as the best choice here.
- by b, Houston
he is always awesome
- by lori, indiana
That was great and a huge help. Thanks for coming on today!! I have been waiting to see ya. Time is now lets do this!!!!
- by LL, USA
Daz- A Thank you is just not enough to how much you do for me:) I feel wonderfully blessed to have you around. Your a GREAT person.You have a GREAT VISION and y read more »
- by Nand89, xxx
very fast and he connected very well. brought up things i didn't even tell him..i didn't tell him my name and he knew it started with a B!
- by BP, NY
VERY GOOD! accurate and nice!
- by Kyla, Westerly
omg thank you so damb much 4 this reading i will say its been a year way 2 long i will most deffantally be back i am happy with our r reading an might i say he read more »
- by dev, nh
No 1! great reading loved it..
- by Daz's princess , manchester
Great insight and honesty. Communicates and connects quickly. Have had several readings now and will come back again.
- by Lisa, Michigan
daz is the best on this site, period the end. he knows things with out me saying a word its amazing. do yourself a favor and check him out, if you do you'll fin read more »
- by pauly61, where they don"t sleep
he is so awesome makes me feel so much better after talking with him
- by lori, indian
He is a great reader. Very fast, accurate, picked up on my situation right away. Picked up on info that most people don't know. Highly recommended.
- by Cheryl, Phoenix
I love daz missed him sooo much
- by milly, limerick
Thanks so much for the reading, it explains everything that is going on. Pretty awesome reading!
- by Swede, NY
- by B, US
Daz-Your like the warmth on a cold winter night...your that light that helps us see thru the darkness. Without you , quite frankly , everything would be 100 tim read more »
- by Nan, xxx
Awesome reading. Love his energy and connection to me right away. was on point with everything. highly recommend him.
- by Maria, New York
Truly enlightening and worth every dime. Very Very accurate and full of details.
- by Lisa E, Michigan
He is everything he claims to be. Very gifted and saw things only one other has been able to see. A+
- by Lisa, Michigan
Firstly I love you!! Your the BEST!!!! and I cant tell you much your support means to me :) You've been great and THE BESt in what you do :) I will keep you posted:) Love and hugs:)-Nand89
- by nand89, xxx
I have said this before-- HE IS THE BEST . He also supports you when you need it the most!!!! He is sooo CLEAR IN WHAT HE SEES!!! I am sooo sure his predictions read more »
- by nand89, xxx
Another awesome n reassuring reading as usual :)
- by nan, xxx
My Dazzling Daz - Thank you for your time and support!!! Your comfort is very assuring and your insight - THE BEST!!!!! I will tread on positivity as you sugges read more »
- by Nand89, xx
daz is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is unbelievable the things he can see and predict. everything happens exactly how he says it will! xxx
- by Lauren, Australia
- by Sara, SC
Very on target
- by Ann, Maryland
AMAZING THIS MAN!! I never knew what I was missing before I met and him and now I will always come back. So real and truthful. No BS just the deep truth. xxoxo
- by ll, MI
Bloody hell Daz did it again with an update... He was so incredibly accurate. He spoke so much encouragement and truth.. I so appreciate all you do for me and others Daz... Namaste
- by Janine, USA
Thank you for being honest and extremely supportive. The ease with which u make ur predictions are awesome.I look fwd to see how they pan out.Most importantly your supportive ,caring and a great friend.Love u loads.Hugs.
- by nand89, x
Out of the many of the Psychics on here he is one of the best i have met he knows what to look for with no hints or questions he will get straight to the point and knows how to keep things on track and to the point.
- by Forge0089, Missouri
I was delighted to finally chat with celebrity psychic as I had a few readings last year with him, he is very accurate as everything he said would happen did co read more »
- by katha123, American living in Ireland
I am so glad that I got to speak to him tonight I can't put into words how grateful I am that I got the chance to speak to him about things. So reassuring to he read more »
- by Lyn, Scotland
He was awesome! I loved how he picked up on everything.
- by lori, indiana
- by beannie, us
Wow, Celebrity was right on point and told me some very interesting things. You need to get a reading from him he is amazing.
- by mc, usa
Super! Daz is so great - right on. He's really really good.
- by S, G
Daz is the real deal, knows what he's talking about I just finally need to take his advice. Thanks Daz x
- by A, uk
Thank Daz. Its been a long time and it was wonderful. You saw it all and you were getting it all. Thank you for the confirmation of Jan/Feb. So looking forward to it and will be back to tell u. xoxoxo
Spot on!
- by yellow, eng
What would I do without Daz - Just my third reading and I know for sure he is my go to person , my friend and my confidante! He gives you so much details and te read more »
- by Nan, xx
Thanks, i do believe you. its just that its taking so long.............
- by gipsygirl, south africa
this guy blew my mind away ♥
- by chandni, uk
awesome and amazing . im thrilled thank you
- by aly, norway
Great, kind and very good...
- by mette44, norway
Always great to catch Daz. He is great, accurate, positive, and very intuitive. This reading really resonates with me because he said some things that I am curr read more »
- by J, Wonderland
Really fabulous, love him so much! Thanks!!!
- by S, B
What can I say- He was such a sweetheart!! So supportive and warm!! He uplifted my spirits and assured me that everything is going to be alright:) I trust him read more »
- by Nan, xxx
He blew my mind awesome so right on the spot he couldn't have known which car my bf drove!
- by loveanddlight, London UK

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