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CelebritypsychicDaz TV & RADIO International Psychic Medium

Direct, dazzling, insightful and amazing as it may seem visions guide me, voices direct me, the future shines as I look ahead for you. For your next phase what I predict will bring an enlightened opportunity to open invisible doors into a tomorrow that holds your dreams.

Daz Sampson is my name and I am a former Pop-Singing sensation with multi million selling songs ‘TEENAGE LIFE’ and many others featured on International TV across the world. I represented the UK in The 2006 Eurovison Song Contest, I have been in the Pop Music charts, on MTV I even appeared on the Terry Wogan TV Chat Show, you name it The Daz Man did it. Then suddenly the clapping stopped and I hit a very serious brick wall in life. If you have ever been depressed, down, on the very floor and below then there I was ready to quit. My thoughts as all the doors closed and the pop industry moved on was to end it, I almost gave in, almost. I was in tears, despair overwhelmed me as all those false friends from the days of money and fame vanished leaving me alone unwanted, in fact I was suicidal.

One lonely afternoon I sat on the edge of dispair looking at a rope I had hidden away and thought the time had come. Tears fell down my cheeks as I considered how cruel fate had thrown me onto life’s scrapheap there was no point now, these thoughts were in my mind when I heard a magnificent voice speak to me ‘You have work to do’ it said, when I looked up I saw before me the most brilliantly beautiful angel glowing in shimmering bright white light and looking at me with clear dark eyes that shone with the power of love. I must have fainted with shock, but when I next opened my eyes there was within me a new hope, a new vision and I felt charged with an amazing positive energy. The visitation of that angel changed my life, I knew that there was a job I had to do in this material world, I had to help others that like me faced despair and desperation.

From that day onwards I Daz Sampson the one time pop singer have been in very serious development working at first within The Spiritualist Church in the UK.

‘Daz is a visionary, a man of today with images of tomorrow that will bring hope and inspiration to all that seek his advice’.

I am now available to help you and would respectfully request that before you consider booking a private reading with me you decide on your questions:
LOVE: Give me your name, I will open my mind and ‘see’ what dreams may come for you.
MONEY: Your prosperity has a path, there is a direction and I will ‘see’ the signposts to guide you.
CAREER: Each of us has natural gift, you are a special and unique individual, I will look and ‘see’ the right pathway advising and guiding.
FAMILY: Desires and dreams can be lost within the confines of a close nuclear family, let me look and ‘see’ what wonders await you.

My work now is taking me onto a new journey and I am currently a leading member of a television series on The Paranormal being filmed within the UK featuring many seriously haunted houses. This TV series will be screened on terrestrial TV Channels in the UK and then available worldwide.

The Daz man is back. My angel is with me and what I must do now is follow my pathway and that is to help enlighten others.
I can bring you visions of hope. I will always do my best to help you and I am absolutely sincere in my belief and understanding that life is eternal, there is for all a direction and you can succeed. It is always darkest before the dawn, I know I once stood on the edge and an angel saved me. Let me be your guide and I promise with all my heart to give you exactly what my guides give me.

I am Daz Sampson and you can contact me in Free Chat here.
With Blessings, love and the power from above: CelebritypsychicDaz.
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Love coming to him. Very accurate with his readings
- by *****, ******
nice and truth without making any excuses and telling u what u wana hear he tells it as it is
- by adi1212adi, uk
Highly intuitive and insightful, been bang on accurate for some time now. Take him private if you want answers, this man is great.
- by Jenn, ....
wonderful soul with amazing talents.. look forward to chatting with him again real soon :) 5 plus stars !!!
- by shawna, florida
I always enjoy talking to Daz. He is so uplifting and insightful. Connects very quickly and is very accurate. A+
- by Lisa, Michigan
great, just gave Daz an update, he is with me all the way x
- by gipstgirl, south africa
So spot on ... connected right away ... I will definitely come back when I have more money to spend
- by Raspberry47, Odense
he is good and and haeling
- by Courtney, chicago
Love coming to Daz for re-assuring that I am on the right path, and also for insight into what will be happening. He knows everything!! :)
- by Monty, UK
daz is the best in what he does, connects right to the core of the situation with out a word from me every time, amazing, its like he's a fly on the wall as its happening, amazing !!!
- by pauly61, usa
The calm to my storms... Daz just knows! One step at a time and I know he is pointing me in the RIGHT direction. This man is truly gifted and so genuine. Thanks Daz!
- by mini, usa
Thank you so much for your insights!
- by Tristan, Reston, VA
I LOVE HIM!! I DO!! Daz - Your dashing dazzling Daz!!! Your ssoo fantastic and the work that you do is even more fabulous!! you are one in a billion just like y read more »
- by nan, xxx
wow its getting closer, thanks Daz, glad you are excited for me. I am looking forward to our situation coming together. xx
- by gipsygirl, south africa
awesome reading ... tuned in right away.
- by a, a
always great to talk to daz. putting me on the right track and I know he knows best. Thank you for recharging me and guiding me along the way. you are truly a blessing. Thanks Daz. Will be back!
- by mini, usa
He is my guide, I love him, a wonderful person. No one else compares to him. I trust him 100%.
- by Ray Gal, USA
as always 100%
- by bradford princess, bradford
very caring and genuine
- by bradford princess, bradford
Awesome reading. Very insightful with great advice. Thank you.
- by Mari, NY
Daz you are the best, really don't know what more to say about you I have said it all,anyone who comes to you for a reading knows that. Thank you again and again XX
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Daz is very gifted. i leave his reading feeling so empowered about my life and feel like i can do anything. he has made me realise i am stronger than i know. Very kind and caring man, cant wait for next reading.
- by emma, -
Enjoyed my reading with Daz, very insightful and down to earth!
- by Alex, Oxford
wow...he got to one point is so accurate without me telling him anything...so shocked!
- by rose, california
THE BEST ON HERE! His accuracy is mind blowing.
- by *****, *****
Great person give him 5 stars
- by Susanna, georgia
I am blown away...DAz has helped me before and he is gonna help again..he knows all without any info given..i am speechless..really one of the best psychics i have met..
- by t, europe
Always good to catch up and will let you know how things turn out.
- by b, houston
I am so happy and excited to have found him. The connection is great. I am so happy to know I am on the right path . I feel it took so long to get here but I am read more »
- by Knowing2013, unknown
Stars to infinity. Daz is my angel on earth guiding me and keeping me sane in this crazy thing called love. I only trust Daz ...no one else. He is the best and read more »
- by Ray Girl, lala land
Great catch up he always picks it right back up. I don't have to say anything. Months back he said its happing any time and the summer is it. I believe this man you you all should too. Try him he will blow ur mind.
- by ll, Mi
My Daz- what can I say-He is fantastic.An amazing person !!! He will get u thru' any phase in ur life with the ease like no other!! He is sooooo gifted and I sa read more »
- by nan, xxx
amazing! thank you always xxx
- by Lauren, AUS
Mind blowing with his accuracy. A must see!!
- by *****, *****
on the spot
- by chanda , bradford
very good as always :
- by cream, south
Daz is the man! He's been with me for over a year and still advises me accurately and hits things right on target with my relationship. Listen to him, he knows read more »
- by LOVE, ...
Daz is simply amazing. Asks no questions just tells you what is going to happen and timeframes etc. A very gifted reader and also a very witty lovely man! xxxxx Love you Daz keep on being the amazing you!
- by Liz, Earth
Great, Daz is worth 100 stars, he tunes in immediately to the situation, no prompting. i know i am going to give him good news from me soon. xx
- by gipsygirl, south africa
Spot on accurate! EVERYTHING he has predicted has happened! One of the best on Oranum!
- by *****, *****
always very helpful and straight forward *****
- by bradford, uk
Wow!! I didn't say anything but he mentioned the guy name that I was about to ask. He's really amazing. He's prediction is very promising to me so I can't wait this to unfold
- by Sara, USA
I love Daz....he is the most genuine person, has the biggest heart. Honestly if you want the best, the truth, only go to Daz. I have been to many and he is the read more »
- by Mrs. T, SF
Absolutely amazing. You couldn't ask for more. He sees everything and is so positive. So detailed. He has literally lifted me up and made me feel so much be read more »
- by Kate, NY
Awesome awesome so caring and accurate knows everything
- by Kate, NYC
WOW. The quickest pickup that I've ever experienced. He knew exactly what was going on with and what had happened and what I was feeling and what concerned read more »
- by Kate, NY
great reading with daz. Always there for me when I need him and what he sees never changes. Thanks for being consistent, I am staying positive and doing as you say.
- by mini, usa
thanks for my update
- by nf1, ~~
Wow Wow never ceases to amaze me thanks Daz
- by gipsy girl, South Africa
Spot on. I am AMAZED at how connected he is to me. I am speechless and thankful. I will try and keep positive as it will only make my life better with less worry.
- by knowing2013, unknown
Always amazing! Very detailed and accurate, will see again. A+
- by Lisa, Michigan
his very good :) Worth taking a talk With! thank you
- by malen90, norway
I am in shock. He knew the car and color I am driving. Spot on with how I am feeling and my current situation.
- by knowing2013, unknown
Daz you are the best. Tell her again for reassurance. I will continue to seek you when in need. Hugs and kisses from afar xoxo
- by mystique810, Deport
He is great wonderful gie him 10 stars
- by Susanna, wisconso
Hez my "Star".The BEST EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I love him and his predictions are jst fantastic. What he says is what will come thru' !! So let go of your w read more »
- by nan, xxx
Celeb has the goods....direct intuitive, he manages to tap into whats really going on....i have some excitement about how hes helped me unlock some potential an read more »
- by Aloysius Crabtree, Renwick Gardens
Wow 100 stars xx always correct and tunes in straight away .
- by gipsygirl, south Africa
well the private was worth it and i will be back
- by f, world
doesnt matter how long between chats with daz he is ALWAYS incredibly accurate!
- by Lauren, AUS
PLease don't go to anyone else on this site...Daz is the only true blue, genuine reader. I have been to many and I will not go anywhere else. He will guide you to your destiny.
- by COCO, SF
- by COCO, Sf
Daz- Your absolutely fantastic!! Your visions are very accurate - I can vouch with my experience !! Predictions spot on and you ,as a person, FANTASTIC!! In sho read more »
- by nan, xxx
He is my friend first and then my psychic , my guide!! Hee is absolutely amazing ..and 100 % the BEST in his field. His predictions are spot on!! he is an amazi read more »
- by nan, xxx
Daz is just amazing as always. Picks up on everything xxxxx
- by Liz, Earth
Thank you Daz, always on track .... Thank you for conformation. you were always right. Hope this will unfold
- by zs, oranumland
Great reader! Accurate, connects well, and provides in depth detail, with regards to any of your questions and concerns. Recommended! 5/5. :)
- by T., Followyourheart
he keeps my sanity..love love love him
- by Lady T, USA
Amazing simply amazing xxx
- by Liz, Earth
Daz- Your my most favourite person in the world. Not only did you show me what you saw..you also got me there :) Your the BEST!! words fall short when I have to read more »
- by nan, xxx
My ray of sunshine, thank you for all the positive messages, through what has been a difficult time for me. I00 stars x
- by gipsygirl, south africa
He is the best there is....he is my guide and my angel on earth.
- by Lady T, lala land
He is truly awesome and he really cares! Very accurate with his info ~ 10 stars for this guy!
- by *****, *****
I only had a few mins with Daz but he picked up on me straight away in freechat he mentioned "writer, words" I am a writer! he give me a great direction to go in
- by CC, Eire
Muaah ..I love yoou!! THank you Daz !!! He is the BEST!!
- by nan, xxx
Confirmation of my gut feelings and some extra insight from Daz. Always a great reading with him, details, accuracy, and consistency.
- by J., ...
Love him...he keeps me positive and on track. He is amazing and worth your time! Get a reading you wont be disappointed.
- by Lady T, USA
Thank you, you are my star! always spot on , and you remember everything as if it was only yesterday that i spoke to you !!! Have a reading with Daz you wont regret it!!
- by GIPSYGIRL, South Africa
Good reader. I appreciate his time and insight. Worth taking into a private reading. Recommended.
- by T, Australia
If it wasn't for Daz I would be a mess, he keeps me sane because he sees what I cannot see. Things are not always as they seem and Daz has the ability to see th read more »
- by Lady Thomas, Heartland
thank you damb I came in was so dwn an I left so high damb he picked me up like no tomoorow thank u I will be back 4 darn sure god bless u
- by angel, smwere
thank you daz spot on very kind soul when ever I need 2 talk or let things out I come 2 daz he is my go 2 man amen 4 him good person ... god bless u dear friend thank u love an light
- by angel, smwere
Thanks for the update lovey. Thank you for watching out for me always. Staying positive and will hang on to that WONDERFUL feeling I get. You know I will always be back for more. xoxox
- by LL, USA
Thank you - you were insightful and very accurate - and guided me well
- by N, Ca
As always, amazing! Simply wonderful and the one person I go to when I need to get some clarity.
- by b, Houston
Great reading. Daz has an amazing energy. He is just awesome.
- by Mary, NY
- by gipsygirl, south africa
incredibly accurate every single time!
- by Lauren, AUS
thank you so much - alot of reassurance and clarity - and very accurate - a must try - and definately feeling a bit better thank you so much
- by NK, CA
thanks for the reading
- by nf1, ..
He was so to the point and honest and so scary accurate it gave me goosebumps
- by Natasha, Ca
Loved his nice yet stern way of getting to the point!!!! Thanks Daz!
- by Kasherr, SomewhereinSC
been some time since we spoke. but he still remains true. still a great spirit and always reassuring. I do not think daz says things just to say it, i think he read more »
- by mini, usa
No words..he is the best! Absolutely love him, trust him.!
- by Lady Parker, lala land
I love the sessions with him, I cannot have enough. I always get the right advice from him and I always look forward to seeing the results. It always works.
- by Lady, Alexandria
Good stuff...great advice and insight. Love Daz!
- by J., ***
Daz is 1 of a kind and always there to keep you in the right direction. He is direct and witty and wont always tell you what you want to hear whether you like read more »
- by Jules, glasgow
Another fantastic reading by Daz! His abilities are amazing. Great reading thanks so much.
- by Lisa, USA

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